Step Above Massage
Sam Behrouzi
We are all faced with stresses that at times can be very overwhelming. The responsibility of running a family, home and business is a constant that seldom allows for a getaway when we feel it is most needed. As a result, we carry those responsibilities and in so doing we have muscle discomfort. How many times after sitting for a short period, you go to get up and you are then reminded of all those aches and pains but ignore them because you must carry on.
Understanding the fast-paced lives of the good hard working people in this area, I would like to describe to you a little oasis which is an enjoyable and relaxing retreat for those who wish to escape be it for an hour, or even longer. It is simple and requires only that you surrender those tired achy muscles to my massages. I know what it is like to have an achy back, stiff neck, twinges in the shoulders, tired feet, legs that just don't want to go any further, arms that sometimes feel they are carrying the weight of the world and a brow too furrowed that your smile muscles are almost gone. Please give me a chance to help you get rejuvenated, to put that bounce back into your steps, to be able to move and not feel like every joint in your body is fused together.
My massage therapy is done with first the proper ambiance. A nice quiet setting with peaceful music to help calm the brain and pleasant to the ears. I begin to work my hands using the deep tissue and Swedish massage technique accompanied with integrated treatments like hot stones, acupressure, and coping based on my client's needs or preferences. I use only 100% natural herbal essence oils for maintaining the highest level of relaxation and therapeutic comfort
Massage therapy is beneficial on many aspects. Besides an aide to help release tension and stressed muscles, the skin and vessels underneath are stimulated aiding in circulation and promoting an overall wellbeing, when your body is relaxed, your mind is more at ease and when you mind is at ease, your spirit is uplifted.

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