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S.A.M. Background

Step Above Massage started its career from a rental room in a massage office with only one therapist. we didn’t have that room for the entire week those days and it was only specific days we could work in that room. The first therapist who started this business was Sam, who is the current CEO and also a massage therapist of the S.A.M. (Step Above Massage) team, trying to lead this business to become better and better.

As he started his career as a massage therapist, and almost he worked in many known massage franchises, he was aware of all the good and bad aspects of this business. he knew what is the client’s expectations and how massage therapists should be satisfied with their job to bring the complete energy to their hands when they are massaging you. So he decided to use these experiences to build up a massage business to satisfy both massage therapists & clients.

What we have done at S.A.M.

So, first of all, we decided to reduce all bad aspects of big massage franchises and after that, we decided to set an affordable price for our services and of course a fair payment to our massage therapists to be sure they are completely satisfied with what they are doing.

these simple steps made us different and completely outstanding and hopefully, in a short period of time, we had a lot of happy clients who made our family much bigger.

What makes us different

we at Step Above Massage guarantee the exact time of massage and unlike others when we say it’s 60 minutes, it will be exactly 60 minutes of massage. also, we use the best equipment, materials & related services for massage essentials like lotions, water, massage tables, and even towels.

our clients can easily ask to cancel their appointment 24hours prior to their massage with a full refund and it’s possible for them to choose therapists and see their profile photo and biography to be sure their therapist would match their expectations.

S.A.M. could be one of the rare small businesses that developed a completely dedicated online booking system not related to other companies and therefore we are completely sure about our client’s safety and privacy. we are so proud to inform you our online system won’t redirect you to other websites to complete your booking, orders, or any other information.

Our Achievements

today we are so grateful, our business model which was started by sam is accepted by our clients and they prefer us to others which is an honor for us to be accepted and advertised by our clients.

So finally today after only 3 years of our first decision to grow our business, we have two permanent active massage locations in the triangle area which makes us more responsive to our client’s needs. by now there is a massage location in Raleigh, NC, and another massage location in Wake Forest, NC which are only 15 minutes away from each other. also, we always select the best therapists among our colleagues to be sure you have the best experience of your massage therapy appointment.

Final Words

we believe that it may not be possible to completely be perfect enough for every single client but we try our best day after day to satisfy every single one of you and be sure to meet your expectations. finally, our vision is one day you can book your massage anywhere in the US with S.A.M. and we can promote this sentence: “When there is a wish, there is a way”