Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a relaxing massage for the whole body. You’ll feel relaxed, lying on a soft table while you are listening to relaxing music and a smell the magical scent of essential oils then you figure out troubles slip away from you for some magical times between 30 to 120 Minutes. Let us introduce you to your great Wellness with a Swedish massage at Step Above Massage Spa. Is there anything more magical than this great feeling?

The main goal of Swedish massage is relaxation, flexibility, and increase of the range of motion

Swedish Massage History

Most of us heard the term of Swedish massage. It is so common in spas, but have you ever known anything about its origin and history? Or why is it called Swedish massage? Maybe you heard confusing things about its history. Do you know how has it come into being? Who made its techniques? You will find clear answers in this content. It will help you to know what is exactly you get in therapy centers and spas.

Swedish massage is the most common and well-known type of Massage was developed and introduced into the United States as ” Swedish movement cure” in 1858.this massage also known as classic massage is a Western type of massage based on a modern or Western conception of anatomy. it’s one of the oldest western massages which is very common today. In addition, it is the basis of other western types of massage. It consists of movements and touches on joints and tissue to cause relaxation, better circulation, flexibility and relief of pain.

The history of it goes back to two European men: Johann Georg Mezger, a Dutch doctor known as the father of Swedish massage, invented the rules of it around 1868.

per Henrik Ling (1776-1839) a Swedish educator, is also known as the father of massage or traditional Swedish massage and Gymnastics.

Swedish Massage Benefits

increasing blood circulation

increases blood and lymph circulation. The massage technique that increases the blood flow is rubbing or friction the muscle with the palms in a rapid way.

reducing Stress and Anxiety

Swedish is performed in a peaceful environment. A massage professional spends at least an hour giving the client a massage with the hands. This combination lowers stress

reducing muscle tension

muscle tension is a common problem among employees and athletes. It is caused by exercising or sitting a long time at the computer. This Massage Type is a solution which loses up to the muscles.

pain relief

Pain relief is the major benefit of Swedish massage. Muscles with stroking motion will be relaxed, the blood circulation increased, the body is calm so the pain will be relieved.

decrease fatigue

Swedish massage helps for decreasing fatigue. Actually, the latest studies have proven that it has effects on decreasing the fatigue in cancer patients.

improve immune system

This Massage Type reduces cortisol hormone level. Lower cortisol hormone will make the immune system stronger. So, given Swedish massage, the immune system becomes stronger