Couples Massage

couples massage is a shared massage service simultaneously for two-person who want to get massage at the same time in a room together. in Couple Massage, there are two massage tables and two therapists for you and your partner. Couple massage is also a good massage service for those who want to come in together and finish their massage at the same time. it doesn’t matter if you are coming with your love or your family members or friends and even you both don’t need to have the same massage plan

for example, in a Couples Massage, you can have a deep tissue massage but your partner can have a Swedish massage combined with aromatherapy and hot stone massage

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Couples Massage important tips to know

1. better to not eat before your massage

Enjoying an enormous meal before you get a massage stimulates digestion. to not mention it’s going to leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Your best bet is to eat a light-weight meal about two hours beforehand to permit for digestion. Being uncomfortably full will just ruin your experience of a couples massage.

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2. Drink more water after massage

It’s particularly important to hydrate after your session. sort of a workout, muscles become dehydrated after a massage, suggests Dr. Oz. you’ve got to replenish all that lost water by drinking more. Then there are the metabolic wastes, which are produced by the muscles.

3. Drink coffee before the massage, not after

When you book an early morning session, drink your morning coffee before and not after your couples massage. Drinking caffeine after your appointment can contract previously relaxed muscles. Choose a caffeine-free herb tea instead.

4. it’s better to relax just after your couples massage session

we recommend you to go home and relax after your couple massage session. it’s because that right after a great massage you somehow need to rest more and keep the good energy you received during your massage and it’s more useful for you if you had your couples massage session with your love

where we serve our services

couples massage in raleigh & wake forest, NC

Step Above Massage started its couples massage services in the Raleigh, NC office. our goal in creating such services is to reach maximum client satisfaction for those who have always wanted to join a relaxation massage with their loved ones. soon after that, we noticed this service was popular enough to be added to our main service category. now it’s an honor for us to announce that we added this service to our routine services and now you can book even for our wake forest massage location.

we have two different prices for couples massage. one for our new clients and another for regular customers. if you are a new client or a returning client its easy for you to check availabilities and prices online and even book your next appointment as easy as clicking on the above button.

Couples Massage in Raleigh, NC

if you are located in Raleigh, North Carolina and would like to have an exceptional massage experience with your partner, we are pleased to announce that we offer this service at this office. You can easily book your desired service online with the most professional therapists in town.

Couples Massage in Wake Forest, NC

as you may know, our second massage location is in Wake Forest, NC, and you may want to have your couples massage at this office. This office is larger than the other and is located on the first floor, making it more convenient for those who do not want to use stairs. This office is not far from Raleigh and most clients prefer to have their appointment at our Wake Forest spa

Couple Massage Benefits

A New Shared Experience

couples who share new experiences and check out new things together are more closely related, it’s obviously true. you and your partner will continue to grow and learn new things about each other when you try something new like a couple massage. What better new experience is there than one which will encourage relaxation and privacy

Spending Time Together

We know that the typical couples today have too many things written on their calendar to desire they fit into a couples massage. Fortunately, “Step Above Massage” offers both a 60-minute and 90-minute couples massage so you’ve got no excuse to hold out together with your partner.

Relieve Family Stress

The body also releases serotonin and dopamine during a massage, like oxytocin. Not only can a massage improve your mood, but it also can help to scale back stress and encourage thoughtful conversations together with your partner.

Increase Affection

Massage relieves muscle tension, but it also helps to releases natural chemicals like oxytocin into the body. once you and your partner receive oxytocin, also referred to as the “cuddle chemical”, you’ll experience increased happiness, calm, and pleasure during and after the massage.