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Best Massage you’ve ever had

Step Above Massage (S.A.M.) is a unique wellness center focused on North Carolina State, known for its best massage services and affordable prices.

at Step Above Massage, we offer you the treatments you need to become healthier and happier. We focus on rejuvenating your body and mind by taking you one step further than any other massage you have had before, in an extremely friendly environment. Whether you are looking for a pain relief or relaxation or want a facial rejuvenation, we are here to help you with our most experienced local therapists

Our Services

what makes Step Above Massage unique

We customize our services to each client based on their needs and preferences. We utilize a wide range of massage modalities such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure and foot reflexology.
For added relaxation during your session, we offer additional fantastic treatments such as below

The magical feeling of relaxation with heated stones on your skin during your massage makes your session fantastic. don’t worry they are not gonna burn you or make you uncomfortable


A combination of hot and cold towels with face massage combined with iced cold marvel stones helps your skin feel fresh and younger. we strongly suggest you ask for this addon to be done in your last 15 minutes


Active and passive stretching gives you more flexibility, helps you to improve your range of motion. These techniques help your muscles, tendons and all soft tissues stretch while the antagonist’s muscles are relaxed.


dry heated Himalayan salt on your skin has a great feeling you should give it a try and besides that, you will get the advantage of minerals in salt that can enhance your health


exposing sugar scrub to feet skin makes them softer and wrapping them in hot towels maximizes your feet’ relaxation. Then massaging your feet with cream and essential oils takes them to a new level


Rapid Tension Relief uses rapid percussion technology to relieve muscle tension in targeted areas. You can pair this addon with your massage or stretch session for enhanced relief

60 Minutes introductory massage only for $79


Deep relaxation and muscles stress relief with our 60 minutes massage with a low introductory price

Only for new clients

90 Minutes introductory massage only for $119.95


30 more minutes deep relaxation and muscles stress relief with our 90 minutes massage with a low introductory price.

Only for new clients

Step Above Massage is a new trend massage clinic in North Carolina that focuses on providing the best services to our clients at the lowest prices. we graduated here, started working here on several franchises and now we have S.A.M. to cover all the bad aspects you have in mind about nationwide massage franchises

We Are All Massage Therapists

Step Above Massage was founded by a massage therapist, and as a local massage spa, we are excited and honored to work with the best therapists. Our goal is to create the best working environment for our therapists compared to our competitors so they can provide excellent massage services to our clients.

Best Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program is very flexible compared to other massage franchises. We have many membership options and packages to make it affordable for you to keep up with your health routine, and it’s entirely up to you to choose a program that fits your schedule and budget

Good Referral Program

Our referral program is one of the best among massage franchises. Every single one of our clients can refer another family member or friend and receive a 20% discount on all our services or membership renewal