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Best Massage Clinic in Raleigh, NC

Step Above Massage (S.A.M) SPA is one of the best places for getting a massage in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel hill

Right now our services are limited to Raleigh North Carolina but pretty soon we are going to have more branches all over North Carolina

S.A.M Covid-19 safety protocols

we know even in this uncertain time and the possibility to expose to COVID-19, there are still many people who want to get back to their normal health care plan and restart their massage sessions again.
To help these clients S.A.M has a new safety protocol, trying to keep Public Healthier.
1. Between every two clients, doorknobs, face cradle, and every area that has been touched by clients get sanitized.
2. The therapist wears a face mask during the session.
3. The therapist washes and sanitizes his hands and arms before and after every session.
4. The number of people who can stay in common areas is limited.
5. If a client has flu-like symptoms needs to contact the clinic and cancel the appointment.
6. If therapist suspected to an issue which can slightly put clients safety in danger we will cancel all appointments until he sure is 100% resolved.
Be happy, healthy, and stay safe.

Step Above Massage

Raleigh Massage Services

we customize every massage uniquely for every client based on their needs and preferences. With getting advantage of a wide range of massage modalities like Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Acupressure, and Foot reflexology.  For extra relaxation during your session, we provide you extra fantastic treatments like


The magical feeling of relaxation with heated stones on your skin during your massage makes your session fantastic.


Besides the great feeling of dry heated Himalayan salt on your skin, you will get the advantage of minerals in salt that can enhance your health.


A combination of hot and cold towels with face massage combined with iced cold marvel stones helps your skin feel fresh and younger.


exposing sugar scrub to feet skin makes them softer and wrapping them in hot towels maximizes your feet relaxation. Then massaging your feet with cream and essential oils relaxes your feet fascia.

S.A.M also offers you Total Body Stretching

Active and passive stretching gives you more flexibility, helps you to improve your range of motion. These techniques help your muscles, tendons and all soft tissues stretch while the antagonist’s muscles are relaxed.

At S.A.M you are in good hands

our Hands Aren’t Magical, it only feels like that
A great & professional team of massage therapy specialists gathered together to provide you the best experience you’ve ever had at a Spa.

Our Services

60 Minutes introductory massage only for $59


Deep relaxation and muscles stress relief with our 60 minutes Swedish or deep tissue massage with a low introductory price.

Only for new clients
Coupon code : introductory

90 Minutes introductory massage only for $79.97


30 more minutes deep relaxation and muscles stress relief with our 90 minutes Swedish or deep tissue massage with a low introductory price.

Only for new clients
Coupon code : introductory

Our goal is to rebalance your body with release tension from your muscles and stress from your mind, by providing a peaceful and pleasant environment. Using our skills and knowledge to provide you wellness. Techniques used are adjustable based on clients’ needs and their preferences. We get immediate feedback during sessions from clients with verbal interaction to maintain the highest level of clients’ comfort. Our goal is to make you feel happy about your visit and feel healthier after your visit.